Links for modern warfare 2 to get all of the lobbys

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Links for modern warfare 2 to get all of the lobbys

Post  XTM Doughboy48 on Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:52 pm

File Name: MW2 patch_mp.ff Editor

This let's you edit the patch_mp.ff's .gsc's.
The .gsc's are in C++ so ya edit away.
By editing these you can do so much like score mod's, fx swaps, and much more you just got to look through and figure out what things do.
Note: This is beta so it doesn't yet allow you to make the gsc's larger than before.
This may work with all patch_mp.ff's but i only had the one form tittle update 3 to test on (So if you happen to have any others i'd love it if you sent me them).

Please report all bug's to me (preferable via PM or AIM).

BTW if you are adding a fair amount of code make sure to delete dev comments in the gsc so the size is less than or equal to the original size. If you don't you will black screen. Other then that any other error is your fault not mine.

Example code by jester to unlock all challenges.

self endon( "disconnect" );
self endon( "death" );
self notifyOnPlayerCommand( "dpad_up", "+actionslot 1" );
for ( ;; )
self waittill( "dpad_up" );
for ( s = 0; s <= 8; s++ )
foreach ( challengeRef, challengeData in level.challengeInfo )
wait 0.05;
self processChallenge( challengeRef, level.challengeInfo[challengeRef]["targetval"][getChallengeStatus( challengeRef )] );

File Name: Modern Warfare 2 MPData Editor

So... It was sort of rushed, but here it is. This is a beta, so It's not perfect. Reply with any questions, comments, improvements, bugs, etc.

This version includes the following:

Edit custom classes.
Edit stats.
Edit time played.
Change kill streaks.
Unlock all kill streaks.
Fixes CRC, rehashes and resigns.
This version does not include the following (These features will be added later.):
Unlock all titles, emblems, and challenges.
Convert PC MPData to Xbox 360 MPData.
Convert PS3 MPData to Xbox 360 MPData.
SotG Caboose - Application
xI CHOCOLATE - Research
DJ Shepherd - X360.dll
Trancewolf - Found the checksum.

Do not put this in any AIO.

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