All the files needed for your jtag xbox

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All the files needed for your jtag xbox

Post  XTM Doughboy48 on Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:45 pm

List Of File's For JTAG's

XEX Loader: 3TNLH7UR

XEX Menu: SE7DFT60

360 Flash Tool: G65V5LNW

Nand Pro 2.0b: AOHCM0YY

FreeStyle Dash: RW91VJRU

Linux Loader: LDKUTLTL

CON Uncorrupter: 5K4H8XJ4

Free BOOT 0.02: C2YZAZIC

FreeXex QuickBoot V0.2: 99W5N6TS

FreeXeX360: FMB176QB

Hdd Hacker v1.22: P743VTRV

MAME 360 For Retail Dash: RKJ7KQUZ

CONSign: 5K4H8XJ4

X360GameHack: NGH4P4JL

Xbox Image Browser v1.0: JHQNVWIA



640 SNES Games:


Modern Warfare 2:

Patched default_mp.xex
(11/02/2010 Update): JXUNAG2M



Super Jump: B4KEMLU8

Multiple Mods (Xp, Speed, Jump etc): 161Z1G85

Custom Code Post (Amazing): 3008BPOX

All Title's, Emblem's and Challenge's Patch_mp.ff: R0G1S1VY

God Mode, 10th Spinning Emblem,
Unlimted Ammo And All Challenge's: HHTMNA44

Running AC130 Patch_mp.ff: P88ZF0R9

Leaderboards Score Mod (Credit: dboi941): F8XV89P6

Title Update 4: C5X2U82Y

Call Of Duty 4:

My code post(XP, Noclip, UFO, etc): F5RKOXMW

Xp Mod: OUI30OLW

Patched default_mp.xex: 4GZYHVDK

Latest Title Update: 3ZO7LSFC

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