Tut: how to mod your gamerscore

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Tut: how to mod your gamerscore

Post  XTM Karma on Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:50 pm

First you need two programs

Pick one of theas two programs:

Xplorer360 or Xport 360

And you need:

profile modding kit

And a Transfer Cable

Step 1)
Downlode Xplorer360 (or Xport 360) and the profile modding kit (brought to you by the people at Game-tuts)

then load up Xplorer360 (or Xport 360) and open up Partiton 3 then open Content and find your profile,
your profile has a code like Exxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (x= your profile id)

Step 3)
Then open up that folder, then open FFFE07D1, then open 00010000
then drag that data and make a backup on your desktop

open up the profile modding kit and load up your profile

Step 5)
Then unlock whatever acheavement you want

Note 1): if you unlock all off line the only way to not unlock sum like online acheavements is to lock them (witch makes them Secret) but to make them normal is to recover your account

Note 2): Do not do the vidmasters acheavements kuz it will make it so you wont ever be able to get recon (trust me on this one!!!)
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