Tut: Team Tac. Boosting

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Tut: Team Tac. Boosting

Post  XTM Karma on Fri Mar 12, 2010 11:11 pm

Recommended Classes:
-Dieing Team should cold blooded, Tactical Insertion, and copy cat. If you dont have those perks just use the scout sniper pre-made class, since it has cold blooded and comes with Tactical Insertion.

-Killing team can pick whatever class they want but should use Scavanger or One Man Army as there first perk so they don't run out of ammo.

-No Kill streaks that you can't control who they kill, this mean no Harriers,Pavelows,Attack Helicopters or any other kill streaks. unless you all have cold blooded on.

-Airstrikes are allowed as long as they are called far outside the map, or the host of the game can choose to not allow them.

-Recommended killstreaks are UAV,Counter UAV,Care package,Predator Missle, Emergency Airdrop,or any others that won't kill anyone.

1) For Team tac boosting, you will need 8 players. There will be two teams, Team A(Usually starts getting their kills first), and Team B(Usually start dieing the first game). Each player on the A team will have a partner or the B team. For example, A1 will be with B1 and A2 with B2, and so on. You guys will agree on a number of kills for each member of the killing team to reach. For example,100,200,300 or however many you guys want.

2) Once you have a party of 8 and partners have been assigned or picked, make a party chat with all 8 members. After this, make sure you assign 2 groups of people(2 A's and 2 B's to a Objective so they can plant and defuse it).Then tell the B's to back out of the game. There should now only be 4 players in your lobby, all A's. Then tell the B's to get ready to join one of the A's session in progress once you tell them to.

3) The lobby with the A's will search for a 3rd Person Team Tactical match and keep doing this until you get 3rd Person Demolition. If you go into a match and its Domination or Team Death, just back out and tell the A's to back out after you. When you successfully get a 3rd person demolition match, tell the B's to join session in progress. If done correctly, you should now be in a match with 8 players. all the A's and B's and the countdown should begin and match should start.

4) Once the match has started, each A will talk to there partner and discuss on a place to meet up at. The groups that you assigned to each objective will meet there. The group assigned to Objective A will plant the bomb and then start killing there partner or dieing. This depends on who has the bomb. Once the Bomb Timer gets to 10 seconds, the player on defence that was assigned to Diffuse/plant at Objective A will start defusing the bomb. At that same time, the player with the bomb that was assigned to plant at Objective B will plant the bomb. So by the time A is defused, the countdown for B should have already started. If done correctly, the Time on the game shouldn't go down.

5) You will do this back and forth until the members of the team getting kills all reach a certain number of kills that you agreed on before the game. Once each member getting kills has reached that number, the dieing players will go to the xbox dashboards, so the deaths they got that game don't count. Then the A's just wait for game to end and back out.

6)Once the B's are back on COD and you now have a party of 8 again, its now the B's turn to kill. So all A's should put on Tactical Insertions and get ready to die. Now repeat steps 2-5 and have fun killing. Make sure you do the bomb planting and defusing correctly that is the most important part.

I hope this Tutorial helps so that we wont have any problems doing this in the future. If you ever want to do this or need any help with it or if im missing something, just post here or add my xbox live gamertag-aBv x Karma.
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