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...SOTW #1

Post  XTM FLAK3 on Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:54 pm

Okay guys this is the first SOTW. so this will determine how well this goes and if we continue...so make it good! the first theme will be sweet and to the point. then the following will be different with some spice to it lol


(theme may have any MW2 Gameplay,weapon,perk,killstreak,character etc in it.)

Winners post will be put in the SOTW Winner forum and you will get a custom title stateing you won SOTW

-Signature Must Fit Theme chosen
-Signature Must be made by the person who enters them.
-Size Limit: 400x150 or 150x400
-Your Account name, GT, or Site name must be included in the sig somewhere visible

-Sig must not have porn in it
-Sig must not have foul language in it
-sig must have all req. in it to be judged
-sig must be posted in a reply to this topic stateing its your entry.

-the deadline for all entry's is Monday april 5th or on week from today.

Okay guys enjoy and make this worth while
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